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They've got conditioning this ispay cash for everything and this wouldjust make their quality of life sufferdon't invest in probably I have a greatstory on this one so I reckon I'm goingback for years agoyeah I was doing a property portfolioplan for a client professional you knowlots of money in the bank like we'retalking in excess of quarter of amillion dollars in savings and we wentthrough the initial so we do a verydetailed you know six-hour type multipleappointments to build their knowledgeand and so they understand exactly whatwe're getting into now it occurred to meearly on that mindset was a challengefurther for the wife at this stage andand but we I think we I thought we gotthrough.

Sydney and Melbourne the trendis tracking at about half the annualrate of growth compared with the recentpeak rate of growth recorded last yearseveral other indicators are alsosuggesting the housing growth cycle maybe losing some steam the number ofdwelling sales has been trending lowerduring with a number of home salesacross the capital cities showing athirteen percent year-on-year decline ofthe major capital cities the Sydneyhousing market is show you the mostsubstantial year-on-year fallen homesales with transactions over the past months falling by and a half percentcompared at the same time a year agodwellings are starting to take longer tosell with a typical capital city homeaveraging.

Returning anaverage gross yield of four percent andunit yields recorded valuation process percentgrowth while the rate of value growthhas slowed over recent months the twolargest and most expensive capitalcities Sydney and Melbourne havecontinued to record relatively rapidrates of value growth with investment ofthe marketplace still a large source ofmortgage demand it will be important tomonitor investment appetite for housingover the coming months investors stillcomprise forty-seven percent of thevalue of Housing Finance commitmentsexcluding refinance loans over a yearago a / advised Australian lenders thatthey couldn't grow their investmentportfolios by more than ten percent perannum the most recent housing creditdata has shown an investor housingcredit has increased by just fivepercent over the past year its slowestrate of growth since March.

The past, is that the guarantor usedto be responsible if you default and then disappeared, they'd be responsible for allof your loan, %. Whereas now, they're responsible only for anything that falls above or belowthe % loan to value ratio. So if you take responsibility for all of it, but if you disappearand don't pay it, they're responsible for the % and then the bank I guess becomesresponsible for the other %. So it's good because it means they've got limited liabilityin the situation and then you can get your property revalued at a later date and if theproperty's gone up or you've paid it down, you can get that guarantor removed from theproperty. So there you have five different ways youcan potentially purchase a property without a deposit. It's not easy, you are going toeither need to do hard work with options or with owner finance to find a property that'ssuitable or you're going to need someone to vouch for you through guarantor loan or somethinglike that. But I hope that.

And no audio I then realized that I had noaudio on till six to three minutes intoit so I had to do a brand-new first onebut I still like the bonus want up thereyou can just watch and see maybe it's abig sense to you I left it up theretraditional values for you so anyway umI'm not a couple of properties that willsend to me that I need to leave you fromthe MLS I'm going to evaluate them realquick it's one of you using mycalculator again you will see the linkto download the calculator spreadsheetyou can use to evaluate the propertywill it basically to even know if youshould go take a look at all or not ifit doesn't pass we don't think we don'ttake with time to go look at adjust theprice point is a price point of yourmaximum allowable offer abased on therental income it's thirteen thousanddollars below and talk about New Jerseymark Yelena's it is more than ,below for a to , dollars housecheck it out then just unmotivatedyou're not going to accept your prizenot now you can if you have time whenyou really.

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