In France the security of property transactions requires the presence of a public officier. Deeds of sale are executed by "Notaires". The French "Notaires" have a very good knowlegde of property market. In France Property sales take place following the principe of written consents.

Before the signing of a deed of sale whereby ownership of a property is transferred to the purchaser there is a prelimanary contract. For the prelimanary contract you can sign a private agreement with the seller. The preliminary contract commits the seller and the purchaser to a deal they will conclude by the final deed of sale. For your security it is better to sign a prelimary contract with a "Notaire".

Before signing the deed of sale there is a period of two or three months. During this period the "Notaire" will make inquires in order to verify a lot of things : ownership, permits and any administrative charges concerning the building. The "Notaire" has also to check for any mortgage and to consider the fiscal consequences of your purchase.

The deed of sale must be registred by a "Notaire". The "Notaire" can represent both sides : the seller and the buyer. The purchaser is also allowed to have a second "Notaire" to assist him. That will no increase the fees. In that case the fees are shared by the two "Notaires" and are lower than real estate brokers' commissions.

After the signing the "Notaire" registers the deed (acte de vente) at the "Conservation des Hypothèques" where the property is located - He wil keep the original deed and you will have a certified copy called "copie authentique" that will be your title.


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